About the Rough Tooth Project

The Rough Tooth Project is made up of a team of international researchers who collaborate on specific research studies according to their expertise and interests. Funding for the project goes toward purchasing equipment, expenses during data collection, dissemination of research findings through publication and conferences, and promoting science education. Learn more >>

About the Location

The Rough Tooth Project operates closely with Gulf World Marine Park which is the one of the only facilities in North America that houses this species of dolphin. Gulf World is located in Panama City Beach, Florida.        Learn more >>

About the Animals

The rough-toothed dolphins housed at Gulf World were all stranded animals. They were rescued and rehabilitated at other facilities but when they were deemed to be non-releasable, meaning they would likely not survive on their if released back into the wild, they needed a permanent home with other members of their species. Learn more >>

About the Current Research

Ever wondered what dolphins are saying to one another? We know that some species of dolphins use signature whistles, and these whistles can be used to identify individuals. We will be gathering recordings of rough-toothed dolphins in order to determine if they are using signature whistles. This will be the first step in conducting more in-depth studies of rough-tooth communication. Learn more about this project >>

Rough-toothed dolphins live in fission-fusion societies and are highly social animals! Apart from humans, relatively few animals live in these complex societies. This study documents the introduction of a stranded calf into an existing population of rough-toothed dolphins living in a human care setting. Learn more about this project >>