The Rough Tooth Project was created to expand our knowledge of a little-known species of dolphin, the Steno bredanensis, also known as the rough-toothed dolphin. Our researchers are dedicated to discovering more about rough-tooth behavior, communication, and social life. To learn more about our research, check out "About the Project!'

The Rough Tooth Project offers a valuable opportunity for the rough-tooth dolphins at Gulf World by furthering our knowledge of this understudied species. Insights gained from our research can help improve the lives of these animals by providing caretakers with valuable knowledge about their natural communication systems, social structures, and behavior.

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"Dolphins are one of the most social animals on the planet. Researchers believe this is why they seem to be so cognitively advanced. Rough-toothed dolphins seem to be even more social than bottlenose dolphins. They interact more and show more interest in interacting with humans. They are also well known for their curiosity. This is why I believe this species has the potential to tell us much more about dolphin behavior and communication." - Megan Broadway, Ph.D.

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Gulf World is the one of the only facilities in North America to house rough-toothed dolphins. This facility offers the only permanent sanctuary for rough-tooth dolphins that are stranded and unable to survive on their own in the wild. Without public support, facilities such as this would not be able to take in these animals in desperate need of a home.

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Crowdfunding is essential for gaining the necessary funds to further research and understand these dolphins. If fully funded, the Project will have the equipment needed for our current project as well as future communication studies. Want to donate? Go to our Support Page!